Welcome to Fit-150,  a revolutionary, weight loss program that addresses metabolic imbalances, the link between metabolic disorders and weight loss.  These are also often the precursors to other serious medical problems such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer and diabetes.


“I’ve dropped two sizes.”
– F. Allen., Phoenix, AZ


“I lost 20 lbs. and kept it off! I have never felt healthier or more energetic!  I use meditations every day and am so grateful for Dr. Zhang and this program!”
– E.H., Austin TX


Reset your metabolism for weight loss and diabetes control


Do you have daily health challenges with weight loss, diabetes, blood sugar, or cholesterol issues? You may have metabolic imbalances that are obstacles to creating a fuller and healthier life.

Fit-150 is especially designed to tell your body to drop fat and weight through easy to do exercises and visualizations. Most exercises today actually signal your body to build muscle, not lose fat, and therefore make you hungry!  Sound familiar?  We have developed a program that actually reduces your appetite, thats right, a simple, no supplement, no drug, exercises program that reduces your appetite.  Our program signals your body to drop extra bulk and fat, not as a side effect of burning calories, but directly.  This program can be done by almost anyone since it is non-invasive and easy on the body and joints.
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Extend your life with mind-body wellness

For Baby-Boomers and others tired of the normal boring exercise routines who are wanting not only to prevent the typical degeneration of the body and mind as they get older, but to reverse already existing degeneration. In this way, creating a youthful, healthy, and happy life for years to come, far beyond that normally expected.